Imagine Receiving 100% Passive Income Through Amazon... Without Lifting A Finger.
Let's Talk Business... And Let's Get Your Passive Amazon Store Set Up THIS WEEK.
Are you looking for a true source of passive income? I have been drop-shipping for years and have screened and trained dozens of assistants to automate profitable Amazon stores. I am excited to announce I now accept Amazon Automation clients. This means I create a brand new Amazon store for you from scratch. My team and I list products, handle customer service, metrics, daily operating tasks, order fulfillment... everything. You sit back, relax, and enjoy Amazon payments every 14 days... absolutely passively. That's right, you don't need to lift a finger because we do everything for you.

  • Direct Communication: You will have direct access to speak with ME and ask me questions, not one of my assistants.
  • Details + Your Hope: I will explain the benefits of having a passive Amazon store/passive income and what it entails. Let's talk about your hope for an automated store and about the results we can produce. 
  • Contact: Initially you can communicate with me via e-mail (Only serious prospects will be answered.) I am also available to chat via Facebook Messenger for your ease.
Imagine... being able to live your dream life, travel the world, spend more time with the ones you love most, and enjoy passive income flowing in each month. Almost three years ago I began my entrepreneurial journey, and this sums up how I live today. 

Now I want to help others through my groundbreaking automated service unlike any other. I've reached a point where I want to positively impact other's lives on a larger scale. Together we can take advantage of Amazon's colossal market and its extremely loyal customers. Anyone can become an Amazon seller in 2020 and the time to start is NOW... My team and I will do all the work for you and you will start seeing sales within your first month of your account and store being set up. 

Who Am I To Help?

My name is Katie Melissa and I have been heavily involved in the e-commerce space for nearly 4 years. I was originally trained by mentor Tommy Rodriguez and several other heavy-hitters in the Amazon space. I have developed my own methods and adapted to Amazon's changes so I know exactly what to look out for and how to set up stores for success. 

My first year drop-shipping on Amazon was a six-figure year. However 2017 was a real eye-opener, where I ended up generating $120,000+ per MONTH... yes, per month for several consecutive months. Then, in 2018, my revenue on Amazon alone surpassed a million dollars.

Over the last 6 years I have trained 350+ students how to create success on Amazon as a drop-shipper (as well as private label, wholesale, and FBA). The majority of my students start seeing sales within a month of completing training and many have gone on to make thousands of dollars per month. With Amazon automation, I will make clients an extra few thousand dollars per month passive income. Most client stores generate $1,000 to $4,000 in passive income per month. Each store's results vary and take time and care, and the client must understand this. 
Don't Take My Word For It... 
Here Are Some Student And Client Results!
It's Time To Automate...
There is an increasing demand for Done-For-You services over the last few years and many students have asked if I manage Amazon stores. Many don't have the time or interest to learn how to start and build a successful Amazon business. Maybe you too want a completely hands-off, easy passive income stream. 

I am happy to announce I am now accepting screened clients who are ready to invest in themselves and their future success. As demand for automation continues to increase, the price for my completely Automated Amazon service will increase, so schedule your call now or e-mail me to get started. 

I take my clients very seriously and expect this to be reciprocated. If you are not ready to invest in your own success, kindly leave this page as I don't want to waste your time or mine. I only want to work with those who believe in themselves and are hungry for success. Don't let fear come in between you and this opportunity to grow. How would an extra $1,000+ a month impact your life? My clients get these types of results delivered to them on a silver platter. My clients can expect a full ROI (return on investment) within 18-24 months maximum. This service is for those ready to reach a new level of success and create a new passive income stream.

Book your call or e-mail by clicking Inquire Now below. 
Here's the thing. I want to work with far less clients so I can focus on providing enormous amounts of value to those I do choose to work with! Let me help you reach the next level of success in your life.
Minimal Risk
We're so confident we can deliver quality results that we will offer a 50% refund on your investment if you don't see your ROI by the date promised. 
For clients this is enforced in a contract signed by both parties.
Automated Clients Receive:
- Katie and her team's daily Amazon account management
- Ability to reach out to Katie + support team most hours on weekdays
- Amazon account set up
- Proper Amazon settings
- Correct Shipping + Tax
- Metrics management
- Item + product research
- Item + product listing
- Competitor analysis
- Breakthrough methods applied to their account
- 24/7 Access to their Amazon access (desktop + app)
- Fully automated customer service
- Order fulfillment (CC needed)
- Business scaling techniques
- Ongoing support when needed
- Itemized profit spreadsheet for taxes
- Track your profits from anywhere
- A completely passive side income
- Opportunity to sell your Amazon store down the road if desired!
- A 100% AUTOMATED BUSINESS after account setup is completed!
- A digital asset that will only increase in value!
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